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Recent Events (2017)

Prayas Annual Camp 2018, Nashik
As per every year, Prayas is organizing an annual residential camp in Peth Taluka near Nashik.
Around 80 volunteers are going to stay for 9 days and conduct various activities as mentioned in the poster.
School Digitization Program

Eco Friendly Ganesh Festival


On the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Festival, we have organized a campaign to take plaster of paris made ‘Ganesh Idols’ as donation as immersing it in water will pollute the scarce resource like water. Later these idols were immersed in artificial tanks of government which used a chemical powder to segregate pop and the chemical colors applied on the idol. After complete dissolving idols, one part was a good manure which was used in farms and the other part was sent for recycling to government water treatment plants. This way this initiative gave an eco friendly tribute to ‘Shri Ganpati Bappa’.

Learn with Fun - Trekking and cleaning drive at 'Brahmgiri'.


Grabbing the opportunity of monsoons, everyone feel like enjoying greenery of the nature. Considering this, Prayas Team Nashik on 9th July’17, had conducted a trekking activity at ‘BrahmaGiri, Tryambakeshwar’ near Nashik, India. While it was a fun activity, team has come up with the idea to clean the place where they decided to trek. Each prayas member was equipped with large dustbin bags to collect garbage like mainly plastic bottles, polythene bags, wrappers of packed food etc. – whichever they come across.

Team of 40 had collected whopping 400 kgs of garbage from this place which later was disposed off with the help of local government body. Such kind of activity help the participant realize importance of keeping the surrounding clean and tidy. Imagine, if each one of us will show this kind of attitude towards dirt present around us, sooner we will find a ‘litter free’ India.

Prayas Annual Camp 2017, Nashik

Continuing the legacy, this year, Prayas Nashik Team organized ‘Annual Computer Literacy and Social Awareness Camp’, in and around village ‘Borgaon, Tq. SUrgana, Dist. Nashik, Maharashtra’

Activities conducted were: Computer literacy sessions for students and for their teachers, Sessions on Vedic mathematics, personality development, learning science through scientific toys and conducted various competitions like Drawing competition, elocution, Essay writing, Kabaddi-KhoKho matches, running race etc.

These sessions covered 4000+ students and villagers with the help of 65 ‘Prayas’ volunteers

We received support from K.K. Wagh, Institute, Nashik, S.P. University of Pune, Netwin Pvt. Ltd., FinIQ Ltd, HeeraPlast, Sarveshwar Builders and of course from volunteers.



Volunteer Registration, Nashik

whatsapp-image-2016-09-21-at-10-22-06-pm whatsapp-image-2016-09-21-at-10-21-49-pm whatsapp-image-2016-09-21-at-10-21-48-pm
Volunteer registration for Prayas Youth Forum for Nashik region has just started! Hurry up to get yourself registered and make the difference!!

The forms are available with Nagesh Shukla/Pranjali Mirge in KKWIEER. Please write us at for more details.

Notebook and Pen donation drive


Worshiping Ganesha is considered as a sign of new beginning and it was a new beginning of a thought “Ek vahi ek pen- one notebook one pen“. Prayas Youth Forum and Social Research Foundation of K. K. Wagh institute of engineering education and research had organized a one book one pen drive

Using Ganesh Chaturthi as an opportunity to help the under privileged children, Prayas volunteers requested their visitors to bring 1 notebook and 1pen instead of fruits and sweets to be donated by them. A count of 350 notebooks , 230 pens and 30 pencils were collected, which were then donated to ‘Padsad Karnabadhir Vidyalay, Lekhanagar‘. The number of students benefited by the activity was about 100.

Sanvardhan Ganapatil Idol Collection, Nashik

whatsapp-image-2016-09-23-at-11-22-06-am whatsapp-image-2016-09-23-at-11-23-31-am whatsapp-image-2016-09-23-at-11-23-21-am

Like previous year, Prayas Youth Forum is going to participate in NMC’s Sanvardhan Murti collection Drive.
Details of the drive are as follows:-

  1. Drive will be held on 15th September, at Gharpure ghat and Goda park
  2. Certificates for the drive will be given to all the volunteers by NMC
  3. Food and refreshments for all the volunteers will be arranged by organizers
Book donation drive


On the occasion of 70th Independence Day, volunteers of Prayas have donated set of three libraries worth around Rs. 8300/- each to three schools to promote reading habits among students studying in rural area with the help of ‘FinIQ Services’, Nashik. Location: Tq. Peth, Dist Nashik.

Selfie with tree!


If we preserve nature, nature will preserve us! Nature always gives us more than we can imagine, and it is time to pay something back to the wonderful nature. On the occasion of world environment day, June 5 2016, Prayas participated in an initiative ‘selfie with tree’. every Prayas volunteer planted a sapling nearby to his/her home premises, and they will post selfies with those trees after a regular interval just to make sure that the trees are being preserved!


Paper bag campaign








Around 150 volunteers Participated and Number of bags made were around 1500 and which were distributed in nashik during kumbhMela to people to with a message “Stop Plastic Bags” campaign conducted on 23 aug 2015.


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40 volunteers from Prayas Nashik team participated in the NMC’s clean river drive during Ganpati Festival on 27th Sept, 2016. Over 2700 Ganesh Idols were collected.

Annual camp 2016

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72 volunteers participated and visited 25 zilla parishad school and 2 ashram school and also 500 books were donated for library during the camp held between 7 feb to 12 feb 2016.

Cleaning Trek

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A cleaning trek was arranged by Prayas Nashik team on 13th March, 2016 at Bramhagiri, Tryambakeshwar. Around 23 Volunteers participated in the trek and collected approximately 40 kg of Plastic waste.

Blood donation camp

dsc04683 dsc04704 dsc04686

Around 50 volunteers participated and 130 blood bags collected during the drive by Civil Hospital, Nashik.


Annual camp 2015

dsc08372 img_9837 dsc08531

Around 70 volunteers Participated and Around 3500+ students from 12 ZP and Ashram schools were benefited from the camp, which was held between 13 feb to 16 feb 2015 In Harsul.

Clothes Donation

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40 Volunteers participated in the drive collecting clothes from the desks in college and distributed them in 4 villages in Tryambakeshwar Tal.


Annual Camp 2014

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28 volunteers participated in Prayas Annual Computer literacy Camp, which benefited around 1500 students from 7 villages in Tryambakeshwar Taluka in Nashik District over a period of 3 days.

Tree plantation at Anjaneri

Tree plantation at ZP school Lakshminagar, Tq Baramati Dist PuneAround 60 volunteers participated and 100 saplings were planted where as event was conducted on 15 aug 2014.


Annual Camp 2013

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A computer literacy drive along with tree plantation was conducted in 2 schools in Tryambakeshwar Taluka, over a period of 2 days. 13 volunteers who took the initiative and approximately 500 students were benefited.